Health Benefits of Cryotherapy

Does Whole Body Cryotherapy Improve Focus and Reduce Stress?

Who doesn’t want to reduce stress, have better focus at work and sleep more soundly? I work with clients to bring more balance into their lives. In doing this work I notice common challenges. Two common challenges are lack of focus at work and sleep issues.

With these in mind I started my search for solutions which were not super time consuming. As a result, I discovered full body Cryotherapy. This technology intrigued me because the session takes less than three minutes. Even my busiest clients should have time for that!

What are the health benefits associated with Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy basically means “cold treatment”. As the description suggests, the procedure exposes the entire body to temperatures below negative 200 degrees F. This process alleviates muscle soreness and reduces inflammation. That’s not all! People share that cryotherapy has improved their ability to focus and get more solid sleep.

My real life experience with Cryotherapy and a sprained ankle

I started looking into Cryotherapy and happened to sprain my ankle around the same time. The sprain was a bad one. Because of the severity, my friends said I would most likely need crutches and be out of the exercise game for up to six weeks. So, I decided to try Cryotherapy. The results were incredible and I never missed a day of walking! I did not need crutches and was almost pain free after three sessions. In my case, I combined whole body treatments with spot treatments on my ankle and foot area. This combination did the trick.

My results were so impressive that I decided to partner with the founder of Complete Cryotherapy Spa just outside of Denver, Colorado. I’m excited to say that we’ve planned a unique FRO ZEN event which will give busy, active people an opportunity to try Cryotherapy and experience the benefits. I think everyone will be excited to learn that in under 3 minutes you can reap substantial physical and mental health benefits.

Learn more about the health benefits of Cryotherapy at upcoming event in Denver Colorado on June 24, 2019

Thrive is thrilled to co-host this event with Ryan Freeman, owner of Ryan Freeman Tennis and founder of the non-profit Zips4Kids. The June 24th event is the perfect opportunity to share cutting edge technology with our friends and clients at Complete Cryospa in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

To learn more about Cryotherapy and the many health benefits go to

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