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What not to give as a business gift

Yes there is ACTUALLY a report about “business gift giving through the eyes of recipents”. I guess there is a report on anything these days. I actually found this interesting since I’ve spent hours searching for what I thought was the right gift for my customers.

If you struggle with what to give and HOW MUCH to give in terms of a customer gift then you need to download the report.

This report contains information from 1,000 business gift recipients who were interviewed. This data can help you plan your company’s strategy when it comes to gift giving.

Of course after clicking on the report I felt compelled to click on “best selling business gifts”. There are some great ideas here. Really unique gifts that you probably wouldn’t think of but are suited for business gift giving. Happy reading and happy shopping!

I can’t close without saying that if you are like many busy professionals and you don’t have time to shop for, order and ship the right gift to your customers, you can outsource this to a Concierge Service. I happen to know a really great one.

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