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THRIVE Lifestyle Solutions takes the Denver professional concierge experience to the next level.

What is a Concierge?

In recent times, concierge has become synonymous with those working in a hotel lobby, booking reservations, taking room service orders, etc.  In reality, concierge services offer so much more. A little history, the word comes from the french term“Comte Des Cierges,” meaning “Keeper of the Candles”.  A trusted helper, holding the keys to every room of the castle with the flame to light up every room. 

The Gift of Time

And while candles have long been replaced by the simple flip of a switch, the need for a trusted assistant is becoming more prevalent in today’s modern age. This is where Thrive Lifestyle Solutions comes in. As a Denver centric, full-service concierge company,  we offer a multitude of services to help you SOP – simplify, organize and prioritize. We understand that time is your most precious asset. Errands to run? Let us pick up your groceries and dry cleaning. Party this weekend? Let us call the catering company and decorate. Worried that one day you will be crushed beneath the impending doom that is your hallway closet? Let our professional organizers take care of it. We get it done.  

Delegate Your To-Do list to THRIVE

From to-do lists to professional assistantship, Thrive offers peace-of-mind when life gets out of hand. If your only need is for us to light a few candles in your home. No problem, we can do that . Our personal concierge page provides an overview of  “getTHRIVING” services including getORGANIZED and getWRAPPED. getWRAPPED provides you with on-site and mobile gift wrapping services for home or office. We also plan Epic Events! Follow us on Instagram to learn about “Enter To Win” Opportunities for fully planned events like our getTHEROSE Bachelor Viewing Party. The Bachelor Season 24 launches January 6, 2020 and THRIVE will be the go to planner for Denver, Colorado! 

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