With the advancement of technology, Denver’s growing businesses have opened up work opportunities for many individuals in the county. Of course, many people in those businesses are working harder to keep up. More work equates to additional job requirements and due dates which means long hours for employees. As a business owner, it is necessary to ensure the health and welfare of the employees in all respects— physically, emotionally, and mentally— to avoid complications in the workplace. If you notice that your employees are struggling to balance their personal and professional interests, personal concierge services are available in Denver to provide professional assistance to coping individuals.

What is a Personal Concierge?

In today’s generation, there is a booming demand for personal concierge services and assistance. Most people lack time to accomplish their day-to-day errands— from booking flights to organizing home offices or sourcing temporary housing—  in the workplace and their homes.

A concierge is a service that assists busy people in planning and executing many aspects of their lives. Although some people consider themselves pack rats, most people cannot control their work-work and home-work all at once. Thus, hiring a professional, personal concierge to cater the needs of time-starved employees can be a great help in their daily whirlwinds.

What does a Personal Concierge Do?

A professional, personal concierge should be solution-focused, resourceful, sharp-witted, and organized. They carry out a pool of tasks, from the routine to the demanding, like purchasing gifts, grocery shopping, picking up shipments, arranging storage, delivering luggage, booking hotel and restaurant reservations, and wrapping gifts. Moreover, they provide support to preoccupied people who are willing to outsource the tasks and pay (sometimes quite a bit!) to carry out the job.

Who uses Personal Concierges?

From the billionaire corporate chairman of a multinational company to a single parent with three jobs and two children, people need personal concierges more than ever. In today’s competitive labor market, employers are not solely required to create a safe environment for their employees, but also provide them with the benefits to balance their commitments and demands from work. Many companies find that when their employees work long hours each day that they do not have spare time to attend their personal business. Employers from the fields of insurance and manufacturing have found that assisting their employees can boost productivity and effectiveness which, in turn, can benefit both the business and employees.

Why hire a Personal Concierge at Thrive Lifestyle Solutions?

Life can be severe and busy, but you do not have to take care of it all. At Thrive Lifestyle Solutions, we ensure you that we tick-off your to-do items one by one so you can focus on the things more significant to you. We employ a team of trusted, resourceful, and efficient concierge specialists who bring order to your home and balance to your life. We offer a vast array of services, including scheduling home services, organizing files, overseeing repairs, picking up prescriptions, or party planning– with an objective of assisting you in as many ways as possible. Our simple process ensures that you receive unparalleled service and care beyond your expectations.


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