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February 2020

Dana Slagle, THRIVE Founder, Announces Club Memberships

Thrive founder, Dana Slagle, excitedly announced the launch of THRIVE Concierge Club Memberships which will bring exclusive benefits to Denver, Colorado. 



January 2020

Thrive Joins The Scout Guide Denver

The Scout Guide Denver  (TSG)  is all about helpling members and readers “live like an insider” —wherever you are. The decision to join the Scout community in Denver was based on THRIVE efforts to bring local resources to their concierge clients. Scout members gain access to other local business owners who have so much to offer. THRIVE will include some of these resources as an extension of their core offerings. The 2020 Denver Scout Guide will be released in the spring. 

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December 2019

The Thrive Story Published in On The Rise Volume 3

The Power of Story Telling

Dana Slagle, founder of Thrive Lifestyle Solutions, tells her personal story in On The Rise Volume 3 which launched in December, 2019.  On The Rise Volume 3 contains journeys from 20 local women who collaborate to inspire others through storytelling. The book is currently for sale on Amazon.

December 2019

Denver's Concierge aligns with Ferrari of Denver

Thrive’s exclusive concierge services are ideal for Ferrari owners in Colorado who value above and beyond levels of customer satisfaction and professional services. 

Thrive founder, Dana Slagle, says “Brand Integrity and Reputation is huge for me. When I launched my company I knew I would be particular about which brands I associated THRIVE with. For that reason I looked for relationships with Denver companies known for customer loyalty and quality service. Ferrari of Denver, owned by Karma Automotive, has the highest level of standards and a network of customers and business partners who value that. I’m really excited about 2020 opportunities to bring THRIVE Concierge Services to this community. 


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The typical American lifestyle tends to be out of balance. We pride ourselves on being overly busy and working long hours, leaving less and less time for our personal lives. As a result, we are chronically stressed, sick and more unhappy than ever. Even if you love your job, that doesn’t mean you should have to forfeit time with your family, friends and most of all yourself.

“Americans have embraced work to such an extent that it’s having a detrimental impact on their health and family life.”

 – The Guardian 2016

We’ll handle the
small stuff so you can
get back to the things
that matter most.
Bring more balance to your
home and work life.
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Write down all of the things you need to do this Saturday. Hand the list over to THRIVE. Spend your Saturday hiking, sleeping, reading, biking, gardening or whatever it is that matters most to you!

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What types of daily tasks and errands can we handle? Organizing, personal shopping, shipping, gift purchases, relocation services, event planning, personal styling and more.