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LinkedIn Profile Not Important – True or False?

A strong LinkedIn profile is definitely important if you are in any of the following categories:

  1. In the market for a new job
  2. Entering the workforce for the first time
  3. Entering the workforce after a substantial amount of time unemployed
  4. Starting your own business
  5. Promoting your own business
  6. Creating a personal brand
  7. Enhancing your professional reputation
  8. Interested in any type of professional networking
  9. Interested in recruiting and retaining top talent

I guess about 99.9% of us fall into one or more of these categories. That tells us that most of us need a strong LinkedIn profile to be relevant and competitive. If you don’t have a profile or would like to enhance your existing profile, Thrive Lifestyle Solutions can help through our Corporate Concierge Administrative Services. We have basic ezBIZbranding packages which are simple and affordable. Contact us if you would like more information or would like to jump in and get started.

Thrive ezBIZbranding Packages Overview

LinkedIn Services Level 1 – $100 – One hour of basic LinkedIn profile enhancements and recommendations on updates

LinkedIn Services Level 2 – $200 – Create BASIC LinkedIn profile from scratch (you must have LinkedIn account set up)

Resume Services Level 1 – $100 –  up to 1 Hour –  Basic resume enhancements and recommendations on updates

Resume Services Level 2 – $300 – up to 3 Hours – Create new, basic resume

Remember YOU are a brand and “a brand is a terrible thing to waste


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