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How to Choose the Best High Net-Worth Concierge Services Provider in Denver?

Most people in the busy county of Denver know that time is a luxury—a precious resources that no one can ever get back. To help time-stretched people save their time and get access to exclusive events, hiring a high net-worth concierge provider is a good idea. It is a secret weapon that unlocks a world of experiences and activities. Denver is home to high net-worth concierge companies that take over errands for cash-rich, time-poor people. They have unparalleled access and insider information that goes above and beyond their clients’ expectations. This is to help them plan and organize personal couture shopping, scuba diving trips, car rentals, and just about every ethical task in between.

What is a High Net-Worth Concierge?

A lifestyle concierge is an expert who steps in to make the lives of their clients more manageable and hassle-free. Concierge services have evolved over the years, and it goes way beyond shopping for groceries. Concierges are highly skilled individuals who add real value to one’s life by taking care of their time-consuming day-to-day tasks. Few people have the opportunity and pleasure of witnessing and experiencing the wonders that a high net-worth concierge service can provide.

The expected growth for the luxury lifestyle management industry is thrilling, but enticing opportunities come with challenges. Competition and prices have been heating up as companies and clients reimagine what’s possible. From closing the Sydney Harbour Bridge for a wedding proposal to arranging a private dinner on an iceberg and making private dinner reservations in high-end restaurants. Luxury concierge services act as a genie to wealthy people around the world.   


Selecting the Luxury Concierge for Your Needs

There are several concierge service providers in the Mile High City, but the quality of their services vary widely. Due to the surge of concierge services in the industry today, it can be difficult to compare services and understand their expertise. Thus, choosing a high net-worth concierge in Denver should not be a random selection. Here some tips to help you select the best high net-worth concierge that suits your needs:

Know the Vision of the Concierge

Before comparing concierge companies, it is essential to identify the service that you need from them carefully. Concierge providers have various specializations — general lifestyle concierges, for instance, vs. travel organization ones — that cater to the individual needs of their clients. However, if you want your concierge to take on more responsibilities, you might find that some are more limited than others.

Choose the Support Level You Need

Some concierge service providers offer potential clients the option to choose between membership packages or on-demand services. Membership packages provide 24/7 convenience and cost savings. Meanwhile, if you need last minute assistance, an on-demand concierge is a one-stop solution that allows you to pay for only the services you need.

Consider its Geographic Location

If you eye a concierge service provider that delivers a dedicated service around the clock but is situated far away, then their expertise and network might not be relevant to your needs. It is essential to consider the concierge that suits your lifestyle but also has knowledge in a specific state or country.

Check References for Your Satisfaction

Before you decide, make sure to look at the concierge company’s reviews and references. This to guarantee that they have reliable lifestyle managers that follow through on clients’ requests. Moreover, ask the concierge provider about their policies regarding when concierges call in sick or fail to deliver.

Compare Charges

Some high net-worth concierge services have an average client net worth of $800 million and membership fees starting at $25,000, while others have a client base with net-worth of $36 million. It is necessary to compare charges while considering the differences in responsibilities accepted by different providers.

The bottom line is that you need to consider the concierge company that achieves your right balance of cost, expertise, and responsibilities. That is why you need to ensure that the concierge company you choose has reliable people. Thus, a reliable solution and a reputation for providing exceptional services that fit your needs is a must. Thrive Lifestyle Solutions, one of Denver’s leading concierge providers, has a team of lifestyle managers that provide refined and curated events for every member. From the practical to the aspirational, we offer a prestigious concierge service. This features exclusive privileges and insider access across the globe. Learn how we deliver high net-worth concierge and lifestyle management services to meet the unique needs of our members! Call us today at (720) 735-8455.

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