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How I Earned $11,000 By Cleaning Out My Closet

The main reason I founded Thrive Lifestyle Solutions was to share life management “tricks” with other busy people. The end goal is to reduce stress through simplification and bringing more balance to life. If you feel that you have too much “stuff” in your closet and would like to purge keep reading!  I know that once you simplify, get organized and break overspending habits you’ll feel a huge sigh of relief like I did.

If you have fallen into the “shopoholic” cycle all is not lost. There is a way to make some of your money back. Poshmark allows you to easily post and sell your clothing, shoes and accessories. You can make substantially more than you would from a consignment shop and definitely more than tossing it or giving it away.

I started selling on Poshmark in 2015. Since then I have made more than $11,000 on the site. At any time I can view my Posh Stats to see where I’m at. The money is deposited directly into my bank account. Easy Easy Easy! With very little effort you can become a “Posh Ambassador”. This means you are rated highly as a top seller and you’ll get more views in your Posh Closet. All details about “how it works” are clearly outlined on the Poshmark website so I’m going to point you there instead of summarizing.

If you are in the Denver Colorado area and are too busy to set up your Poshmark site, Thrive Lifestyle Solutions can help. We offer in home “organization” services. We can organize your closet and purge things you don’t want. We will advise you on what items are most likely to sell on Poshmark. If it makes more sense to take some things to consignment or donation locations we’ll make that recommendation.  And yes, we can even drop it off for you.

Ready to purge and make some cash? Here are your next steps:

  1. Go to www.poshmark.com set up your account and create you Poshmark Closet.
  2. Check out my Poshmark Closet as an example – be careful you might want to buy something!
  3. Contact me if you need assistance in the Denver, Colorado area with your Poshmark site and/or purging project.
  4. Have fun doing it and feel good about simplifying. It’s all about THRIVING!

Happy Poshing and Happy THRIVING!


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