Your employees and future recruits should be attracted by the rewards and perks that you offer in your company. The benefits should be financial, but also psychological. In Denver— and arguably anywhere in the world— one of the things that most people enjoy about their jobs is the compensation. If they are not satisfied with the salary, benefits, and other incentives offered, it makes sense to expect that their next step would be to move on. A recent poll of workers in the U.S. showed that a whopping 70 percent of workers are generally unhappy and unsatisfied with the benefits offered by their employers. As a result, many of those unhappy workers tend to be disengaged and unproductive.

Believe it or not, the secret to maintaining a healthy workforce is not by pushing them to the point of breaking. It is essential to understand the psychology of how employees perceive the available benefits programs, perks and other incentives in their workplace. Understanding what drives employees to find happiness in the work they do is a critical factor that human resource teams should analyze.

Here are some of the proven steps that can make your employees valued and nurtured in your company:

Employee Rewards

The reward system is introduced to students as early as 12th-grade psychology class. Its effects are just as real in the workforce. Benefits sometimes simply come in the form of an employer giving praise and recognition to the employee’s contributions. Whether it is for achieving a career milestone or exceeding a performance goal, verbal recognition is sure to go a long way. However, it is not a secret in the corporate world that it is always better to pair this appreciation. This goes with monetary, physical, or experiential rewards. This act from an employer commemorates the event further and can even reinforce the employee’s positive behavior in years to come.

Employee Benefits

Not necessarily linked to the employees’ contributions or performance, benefits are a range of items offered to all full-time employees. These include incremental compensation, healthcare, or wellness options. These benefits include paid leaves, insurance coverage and stock option programs. Most of the time these employee benefits are adjusted based on the employees’ role and tenure. It may not sound like much, but they do make some changes in peoples’ lives in more ways than one.

Employee Perk

Sadly, only a few companies provide perks outside of traditional rewards and benefits. Employee perks can come in the form of office-specific activities like entertainment, discounts, food, and more. Similar to benefits, perks are usually awarded to full-time employees. But in some cases, even employees on contract are invited to participate. These privileges are also different from benefits. These are not adjusted based on the employee’s seniority, individual behaviors or contributions to the company.

Delightfully Surprise Your Employees by Hiring Concierge Services!

Nowadays, most of the world’s workforce suffers from an out-of-balance life. People hung onto the belief that being overly busy and working long hours are the standards of “being productive”. When in fact, it just leaves them with less and less time for their personal lives. In the end, it will only make them chronically stressed, sick and unhappier than ever. Loving one’s job doesn’t mean that time with family and friends should be forfeited.

One perk to consider is Concierge Services. The advantages of Concierge Services are proven to give people a more comfortable life that they would never have thought possible. Thus, you could provide it to your employees through Thrive Lifestyle Solutions. Our slogan #THRIVENOTSURVIVE speaks to your employees’ needs, and when they have the relief Concierge Services can provide, you’ll see them thriving at work.


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