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small stuff so you can
get back to the things
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Bring more balance to your
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The typical American lifestyle tends to be out of balance. We pride ourselves on being overly busy and working long hours, leaving less and less time for our personal lives. As a result, we are chronically stressed, sick and more unhappy than ever. Even if you love your job, that doesn’t mean you should have to forfeit time with your family, friends and most of all yourself.

“Americans have embraced work to such an extent that it’s having a detrimental impact on their health and family life.”

 – The Guardian 2016

Thrive Lifestyle coaching and concierge is the ultimate, must-have service for busy Denverites.


Thrive is devoted to helping our clients find ways to make life a little easier. We enhance and manage your day to day life so that you can get back to what matters. Every service is personalized with great attention to detail to make your life run like clockwork. Thrive offers lifestyle coaching services for both individuals and corporations.

I’m Dana, a professional
lifestyle coach and concierge.

As most of us know there is an epidemic facing the American worker; stress. We’ve all been victims of overly busy schedules. And with no free time to get necessary tasks done, life starts to feel like just surviving each day is a huge accomplishment. We’re all desperate for a little more ME time and for closer connections with our families and friends. However, the traditional 9-5 job is taking over our lives in an unhealthy way.

My crazy busy life was all I knew until I realized I could do it differently. What changed? I started asking for help. I hired a concierge service to help me run errands and do small tasks around the house and quickly began to realize that this service was truly a lifesaver! The experience left me with such a sense of relief and freedom that I decided that I wanted to help others to feel the same way.

Whether you are truly in a rut and need a lifeline, or if you just need the occasional helping hand to make life run smoother, I’m here to help. I’ll meet you right where you are and help you prioritize your schedule, run errands, and find more balance so that there’s nothing left for you to do at the end of the day but unwind.

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