On The Rise Volume 3 includes the THRIVE Lifestyle Solutions story by Dana Slagle with stories from 20 other women.

While many books are designed to inspire growth, On The Rise Volume 3 contains real life stories which are relatable to readers with diverse backgrounds. Book three in the RISE Anthology is another collaborative writing effort by members of RISE Collaborative Workspace. Both inspiring and authentic,  it connects readers with storytellers who talk about their personal and professional failures and successes. 

Stacy Taubman and Kate Wiegmann of RISE Collaborative co-working lead the writing effort.

As the third book in an Anthology of positive stories, One The Rise Volume 3, demonstrates how making space for new ideas can drive success. Without a doubt, Stacy Taubman, CEO of Rise Collaborative, and Kate Wiegmann, COO, focus volume 3 on the pivotal moments along the path to success. So, it’s not suprising that collaboration is key to the culture of RISE, a women focused co-working space with locations in Denver and St. Louis. Because RISE membership gives women the opportunity to work together and write together it attracts professionals in search of true connections.

The THRIVE Lifestyle Solutions story discusses the topic of burnout and importance of connections.

Dana Slagle, founder of Denver’s premier concierge and personal assistance company, joined RISE in 2019 and did not hesitate to participate in this writing adventure. On that note she says,  “collaborating with 19 other inspiring women is an experience I’ll never forget. I certainly hope my story resonates, but if mine doesn’t I have no doubt one of the other stories will. Because none of us are at the same place in life, we need different types of inspiration to move forward. Though the 20 authors in On The Rise Volume 3 are different  in many ways, we share belief in the power of storytelling.”

Dana adds, “I’m excited for you to read my chapter beginning on page 49 titled “Now What Oprah Winfrey?”. Besides sharing my personal burnout experience, I talk about my struggle with lonliness and the need for meaningful connections. Becoming aware of these barriers to happiness lead me to launch my own business, THRIVE Lifestyle Solutions, in Denver, Colorado.” 

THRIVE Lifestyle Solutions is the first full-service concierge company in Denver offering “as needed” assistance to individuals and businesses.  With this in mind, Dana hopes you will explore how delegating certain daily tasks to a trusted partner can free up time for what matters most to you. In turn, bringing more LIFE into your Life Work Balance equation.

“Never underestimate the power of your own story to help others THRIVE more!”

Dana Slagle On The Rise Volume 3 Author
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